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Medallion Tile Designs

7 Striking Examples of Medallion Tile Designs

Originally, medallion tile designs were all circular, due to the fact that Latin word “medalia” meant a Roman coin valued at half a denarius. Typically, a medallion also depicted a person or architectural design, much the same way the coins did. However, in recent times, medallions can depict anything and have many different shapes, from oval […]

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7 Benefits of Tiles in Bathrooms That You Should Know About

Have you ever wondered why people choose tiles in their bathroom home remodels more than any other type of material? The reason is because of the many benefits of tiles in bathrooms that you can’t get with other types of flooring. Tiles are a timeless and wise choice for bathrooms. They are excellent for flooring, countertops, […]

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8 Inspiring Water Jet Tile Designs for Your Home Renovation

Waterjet technology can cut parts with such high precision that it is often used when manufacturing machine parts. However, the same quality that makes it excellent for aerospace and automotive manufacturing, also makes it ideal for cutting tiles in repetitive patterns to a very high tolerance. Not only do you get identical patterns, even when cutting through […]

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