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Hexagonal Tile Ideas

6 Hexagonal Tile Ideas to Inspire Your Renovation

If you’ve passed on hexagonal tiles for remodeling projects because you thought they look dated or vintage, you’re in for a big surprise. Designers have rejuvenated this classic tile into unique new designs that will inspire you to try them out again. Prepare to be delighted with supersized hexagons, unique color combinations, subtle wave effects, and […]

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Black and White Tile Designs

6 Black and White Tile Designs for an Elegant & Modern Look

Black and white designs evoke images of luxurious black tie affairs with champagne and caviar. Elegant black and white tile designs may be timeless and classic, but they have also been revamped for modern tastes. While everyone is familiar with simple checkerboard patterns from the past, newer, more modern, designs tend to be intricate, subtler, and […]

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Travertine Vs. Limestone Tile

Travertine Vs. Limestone Tile: The Pros & Cons of Each with Example Designs

Travertine is a type of “preliminary” limestone, but that is where the similarities end. Travertine is a much softer product than limestone and has its own remodeling uses. Both travertine and limestone occur at the bottom of oceans, river and lake beds, where the shells of dead aquatic creatures collect. These shells end up being compacted, […]

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