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Finely Shaped & Fitted Mosaic Designs

Artsaics features an extensive range of the most unique stone mosaic collections in the finest materials. Considering the ever-evolving world of interior design, as mosaic designers, we continue to advance by introducing new concepts as well as materials to complement the beauty of natural stone. These artistic tiles and stone designs include hand cut glass, antiqued mirror, metals, crystals and now some exquisite semi-precious materials.

All of our collections are unique and exquisitely hand crafted, each mosaic possesses its own character. With dedication and attention to detail, all of our designs are produced by meticulously placing and hand shaping each individual piece of mosaic to perfection, achieving the most impressive and realistic effect. Univo features intricate repetitive patterns designed with a modern twist, Fusione is a blend of carefully selected hues combined with an ancient technique, Louvre brings back the luxury and artistry found in the renaissance, just to name a few. Each one of our collections is designed and crafted with the highest level of detail.