8 Stylish Ways to Use Mosaic Tiles That Will Inspire You

General trends come and go, but when you pick a design that is personally stylish, its appeal isn't likely to fade, like a trend. Yet, many clients can be a bit timid about picking a design based on their own tastes, instead of what's more mainstream, for fear of making a decorating faux pas.

The trick to picking a style that is personally inspiring to today's luxury homeowners or business clients without going too far off-field, is to understand the different ways to use mosaic tiles in themed or patterned projects, or even learn to disguise them to produce contemporary custom designs with just the right panache. Here are a few different styles or design ideas that you can use in your next project design.

#1 Inspiring Nature Themes

Shower stall backdrops make the ideal place to add an inspiring nature theme, like this one with the birds hovering over cherry trees in bloom.

If you want the design to be even more understated, opt for doing the shower stall floor in a natural theme, like these fishes.

If you can't make up your mind whether to put the theme on the floor or in the backdrop, you can actually do both, like in this wave motif with a more modern stylistic influence.

Depending on how obvious you want the design to be, you can put it on a wall for maximum visibility, or a floor for when you want it to be a surprise for the person entering the stall.

#2 Repetitive Floral Patterns

If you just want florals without the birds, you can still have a repetitive cherry blossom theme, like this one.

Repetitive floral motifs come in many different styles, even Asian.

They even work well in a backsplash that goes from the top of the countertop to underneath the cabinets, for a big splash of style.

If you want more color around your fireplace, you can even use in them in your living room.

There are many ways to use mosaic tiles even within a specific pattern or theme.

#3 Soothing Geometric Patterns

If florals just aren't your thing, you can still get that soothing repetitiveness with geometric mosaic patterns. Interlacing squares in muted neutral colors can amp up your kitchen backsplash immediately and put it on a whole new level.

Hexagonal tiles make stunning patterns in the bathroom and have come to be known as a classic choice. However, even this geometric pattern can be amped up with more style with the inclusion of different shadings of hexagonal tiles or even different color grout. Here's one with different shades of tile.

#4 Waterjet Designs

If you want really intricate, almost seamless, smoothly polished geometric designs, why not try a medallion in your hotel lobby or restaurant waiting area? This Tapeti Lofer waterjet medallion shows the level of intricacy possible when creating geometric star patterns.

#5 Unusual Tile Layout Patterns

You may have heard that subway tiles are really trendy. That's true, but that doesn't mean you have to opt for the same boring style everyone else does. You can take a mainstream tile layout like horizontal subway tiles and create a herringbone pattern with them.

You can also stacked them vertically to accentuate the tallness of a space instead of the width. You can stack them one on top of the other, instead of a layered brick pattern, for a modern grid-like effect that pairs well with modern styles.

There are numerous ways to make your project unique with different tile patterns that would require its own blog to go over in detail.

#6 Disguised As Rugs

Using mosaics as disguised elements in your decor, like making a throw rug out of mosaic tiles.

Here's one with a basketweave pattern and beautiful blue color that looks like a bathroom throw rug.

#7 Abstract Themes and Patterns

You don't have to have any design in mind to make it a stylish choice. Here is one where it looks like you just dumped a bunch of square mosaics in different colors on the floor. 

This abstract design uses Studio Quad Lagoon mosaics. Here is another striking choice where it's not even regular geometrics, but rather just some abstract styling using the intricate shapes possible with a waterjet on a kitchen backsplash.

#8 Additional Flourish

You don't have to add gold foil to your mosaics to get a little elegant flourish. Just think curves. They can be included in murals with no rhyme or reason, just for that extra panache.

 It's not really modern, but it still is somewhat abstract. Curves make pleasing repetitive patterns that aren't harsh to look at even though they approximate geometric constructions.

Make Your Own Trends

When you have the elements that make mosaics stylish available to you to pick and choose, according to your individual tastes, then you can create unique designs that personally appeal to you, without fear of making a mistake. Mosaics are ideal for custom projects and with new techniques, like waterjet cutting, you can make even the most intricate design come to life in stone.

When a customer doesn't want the same old thing or even the latest trend, I encourage them to think about ways to use mosaic tiles that appeal to them and create their own theme, pattern, or even disguised look for their next project. This way the style does not go out of fashion because it is personally meaningful to them. I hope you've found these projects inspiring enough to think of doing some of your own designs.

Which category was your favorite and how would you use it to think up a style for your next home or business project? Are you inspired enough to create your own design? If you like this article, comment, like, and share it with your friends and followers.

About the Author

Nelson Londono founded Artsaics in 1998 after learning the ins and outs of designing custom artistic tiles and stone mosaics. The New York-based surfacing company specializes in producing stunning artistic tiles & stone designs with fine natural stone from around the world. Nelson and his team's passion lies in working with their hands, heads and hearts to make each and every space a unique reflection of self expression. You can learn more about Artsaics here.